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AR & VR described in three words:

unparalleled visual experience.

Not only top brands like Facebook, Google, or Samsung already use AR and VR technology. From small businesses to large enterprises, these new apps are taking the market by the storm!

Their immersive effect can:

Teleport us to another place.

Draw us in.

Keep us in the moment.

Clover and VR/AR

With our five-years’ experience in creating playful AR & VR apps, we can help you boost your:


Marketing efforts, with real-time campaigns and unique brand storytelling


Gaming investment through a whole new level of entertainment apps

User experience

User experience for the travel sector or eCommerce businesses, walking your buyers through the virtual store or destination and providing 3D object visualisations – almost like in real life

Business processes

Gaming investment through a whole new level of entertainment apps


Design by creating interactive environments that will set you apart from your competition

Some of our VR/AR application


We at Clover strongly believe in software that engages children and provides them with new learning possibilities, which is why we created DinoAR – one of our most beloved projects.

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Zeality, with our VR app integrated into the platform, gained great popularity, adding a new flair to web and mobile channels curating sports, celebrity, and automotive topics.
providing an internal communication tool for companies of different sizes
and industry verticals.

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