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ZenScreen is the first AI-powered solution that can guide you and your family to better screen time habits  and track how you’re spending time on your smartphone and computer.

What we did


Our main task – Android development, challenge – help users keep healthy screen time habits. App was made primarily for parents to get a grasp of their kid’s screen times so users can essentially tie multiple devices to one account and track their screen time and apps that they are using, parent being the main user of the app with full feature ability and other users having limited options within the app itself. Other than tracking app usage there is an option to block users from using anything on their phone, of course with a few exceptions like the phone and similar apps. To make things really interesting there were multiple lock types like Calm Nights – locking of the phone when it’s bed time, Zen Breaks – limiting social media app usage and Smart Mornings – limiting morning usage so you can get a head start on your day.

App analytics

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Zen Tips

Smart Mornings

Calm Nights

Zen Breaks

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