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Ever since mobile video changed content consumption patterns in the Media, entertainment and Sports (MES) industries – by transforming passive viewers into engaged users – companies in that space started to seek solutions to improve fan engagement using immersive media

What we did


Our team developed native iOS and Android apps that are used for watching 360º videos from various content providers. Player that was used on both platforms was developed in a way where content provider could place different image object across the video which user could later interact with while watching the video. A cool feature called Re/Lives was implemented where user could record his movement in the 360º video and his own reaction to it and share it with friends.


Our QA team worked tirelessly to ensure the UX was smooth and flawless. QA processes included testing on Samsung Gear VR platform, Google’s Cardboard and Daydream.

How Zeality was born?

Our U.S. client had a vision of creating a technology platform for those industries that drives interactivity and deeper connection with Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and 360° videos.


Why Zeality was born?

The idea was to enable visitors to interact with their content by filming their reactions and comments and uploading them to the platform as real-time, 360° videos or photos. The feature was named Re/Lives and it uses the device’s front-facing camera, as well as audio, to record. Users can then easily share their viewpoints on social networks.

But the fun doesn’t end there. We also added interactive objects or ‘Gems’, which supercharge viewers’ engagement by tapping overlaying areas and making the experience truly interactive.

Who uses Zeality?

Several iconic sports brands powered their mobile apps and other channels with Zeality, such as NBA Golden State Warriors, hockey team San Jose Sharks, and American football team San Francisco49.


In 2017, CIOReview shortlisted Zeality among 20 top promising AR technology solution providers.

“Zeality is revolutionizing our proximity with fans!“
Rob Alberino, VP/Executive Producer, San Francisco 49ers.