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This platform is supporting events professionals with powerful technology that will connect brands who are investing in live experiences with the agencies, vendors, and venues who can help them execute their vision. People are able to find agencies who dream up and orchestrate the events, the vendors who feed, build and light the experiences, the freelancers who capture and engage the audiences as well as the venues that provide the ambiance and backdrop.

What we did


We were included in this project from early beginnings. First thing that we needed to make is a simple website that actually served as a survey and based on results, it was decided on the next steps. Next step was making a responsive website. Frontend was built in React, backend was built in Node.js and for database we used MySQL. Setting up of a database was very challenging for our team since storing huge amount of different data was very big and important requirement.


We were involved in the early designs of a survey website. The main challenge was to make a catchy design that will attract users to stay on the site and finish the survey.

End to End

We were involved a lot in all decisions of the project which included our consultancy based on reach experience that we gain til now. Specifically we helped a lot with our technical advices and some tips regarding the general management of project.