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One time

AR has the potential to become a powerful educational technology. For a generation raised on interactive technologies, bringing AR into the classroom could encourage active engagement and contribute to positive changes.

What we did


Messaging solution that derived from our Spika for Business platform. Client required a lot of customisation on our mobile apps, mainly design ones but also wanted to include some business specific features like sharing for equity.


UI/UX has been done 100% by us also deriving from our Spika platform in combination with the client needs. Since the app is pretty straight forward we followed some standard platform specific conventions with a refreshing Clover twist.


Biggest challenge here was to put yourself in a lot of crazy scenarios in which users can find themselves in, since it is a messaging platform, everything from lack of cell service to monkey clicking on UI.

End to end

We had to be involved a lot in the business side of the product (not a first timer and really our pleasure :)) in order to make sense on the UX side of things. Making business decisions and providing some consulting from our own experience really help move this project in the right direction.


As a trusted messenger app development studio with numerous successful projects in this area, we were hired to create “not another” communication app that counts on a large pool of users.

The app is called OneTime and provides its users with free local, international, individual, and group messaging, as well as the ability to share photos, voice, video, location, contacts, status, etc. – all without annual subscription charges or additional costs. In addition, each new user gets one share, instantly becoming a OneTime stakeholder, and whenever he recruits a new user, he gets another, and another, and another… shares multiply quickly that way.

The business model is still in the development phase and the plan is to evaluate the number of gained shares per stakeholder on an annual basis. Based on the number of acquired members, users will be able to monetize their efforts.