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The Messenger

The Messenger can be used anywhere where there is internet, you can send and receive real-time messages, make a call and you can communicate with your loved ones taking advantage of the various features.

What we did


Another messaging solution that derived from our Spika for Business platform. Client required a lot of customisation on our mobile apps and web app. Generally they wanted to support all the features that WhatsApp has and some specific ones like using the app at the same time on multiple devices. They wanted to have the same WhatsApp look&feel too.


Regarding the design, we had clear reference to follow WhatsApp design, so needed to rewrite most of the UI/UX that Spika for Business originally has. That part was very challenging for our team, but on the other side very interesting and educational.


Biggest challenge here was to put yourself in a lot of crazy scenarios in which users can find themselves in, since it is a messaging platform, everything from lack of cell service to monkey clicking on UI.

End to end

Making business decisions and providing some consulting from our own experience really help move this project in the right direction. We were included into project planning and decisions regarding the new features implementation order.