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Instibase is a platform that connects Investors with Asset Managers and helps them throughout the interviewing process and due diligence requirements. It provides a simple to use collaborative environment for your team along with some professional advisory help along the way.

What we did


In terms of development we did everything for the client. System was build on a Node.js environment using React for the frontend and a MySQL databse. Team consisted of 5 developer with various skill levels. Code quality was maintained by implementing a peer review process via git pull requests and in combination with continuous integration it provided a solid and efficient work environment


Testing was introduced around the mid point in the development and since the CI process was good, QA had their hands full. Tasks would move from “In Peer Review” to “Deployed and Ready To Test” rather quickly which means the flow depended heavilly on good communication especially in the initial phases. We had multiple environments and had multiple test scenarios developed for them.

Processes were set up following Agile principles employing SCRUM for the main phases and KANBAN for the follow-up phase after major releases. Extensive communication with the client and designer, frequent status and sync up meetings, new feature scoping and detailing meetings, etc., everything was handled by the our management system which includes collaboration from the whole team but with an emphasis on maintaining developers focuses on the technical aspect and requirements.