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AR has the potential to become a powerful educational technology. For a generation raised on interactive technologies, bringing AR into the classroom could encourage active engagement and contribute to positive changes.

What we did


We used EasyAR for detecting markers and showing 3D models of dinosaurs on a flat surface. Both Unity and native solutions were tested and build for both iOS and Android, both worked great.


Our UX/UI magician designed a beautiful colouring book for kids with images of dinosaurs that were used as markers and some fun facts about each one them.


This part was actually fun since our QA engineers had to checkout the book and watch models of dinosaurs walk around on the marker. Trick here was to try and look at the models from different angles and distances without app losing track of the marker.

DinoAR is an app that offers encyclopedic information about dinosaurs by combining either a printed or digital (PDF) picture book format with Augmented Reality features.

How it works?

Here’s how it works: on the left side of each page you can read some fun facts about dinosaurs and learn about their eating habits, size, and other characteristics. On the right is a picture of the dinosaur

The magic starts when children open up the DinoAR mobile app and hover a smartphone over the content. The app recognizes a specific marker on the page and a 3D model of the dinosaur shows up and starts to walk around.

It comes as no surprise that children absolutely love that feature! While they learn the facts, the AR technology brings them to life, providing better understanding and an immersive experience that entices curiosity and imagination.