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Comecat is simple but powerful online chat solution. ComeCat is design to use support, sales and marketing. Not only online chat on your website, ComeCat enables you to chat with your customers via their favorite messenger. As also you can integrate with bot servise to make your life easy.

What we did


Great messaging solution that derived from our Spika for Business platform. We wantet to refresh Spika for Business and add little bit of cool features. It works on mobile and web client.


Regarding the design, we wanted to new and fresh look for our new app.


We had a lot of experience with our previous messaging app so our QA knows what works and what scenarios to expect.

Omni Channel User Support

No matter where your customers comes from or you have all kind of communication in one plasce.

Team Chat

You can talk with other users by entering their email address. So you can build teams on ComeCat. Not only private chat you can also generate groups to talk with several users.

Notes, Todos

You have notes and todos so you can take a notes and define tasks for the cutomer. As also you can share to teams the notes and todos.

Transfer Chat

You can add another user to the conversation, in this way you can transfer user support to another user.