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Platform that is showcasing corporate and brand event work from the best of the best.


Putting the Power of Safety In Your Hands

Spika for Business

Among our original projects, Spika for Business is our pride and joy, providing an internal communication tool for companies of different sizes and industry verticals.


Zeality, with our VR app integrated into the platform, gained great popularity, adding a new flair to web and mobile channels curating sports, celebrity, and automotive topics.


We at Clover strongly believe in software that engages children and provides them with new learning possibilities, which is why we created DinoAR - one of our most beloved projects.


Serious businesses need exceptional mobile apps to keep their customers engaged. As a global nutrition company, Neolife under- stands that concept well, which is why this food supplement corporation wanted to level-up their customer commitment.


Leveraging the tremendous growth of messenger apps worldwide, one of our U.S. clients came up with a great business idea – what if you could set up a new messenger app that would grow its user base by providing new members with shares in the company?

The Messenger

Fast and secure messaging application that is synchronised between all your devices.