What is KaiOS and why should You care?

KaiOS is the name of an operating system for mobile phones that you probably never heard of, never seen, never used or will use. KaiOS can't offer you anything that you already have, why should you care then?

To answer this question, we need to look at bigger picture.

Taking things for granted is something that we all are guilty of. We live in a technology world with so many things occupying our daily lives that we forget the fact that our phones and Internet access are gifts. Gifts that we did not deserve, gifts that are not given to all the people on this planet.

It is shocking to find out that in 2019 there are 3 billion people (45.9% of all population) without the Internet. Let's put it this way: If you are going to be born right now and your location can be anywhere on Earth, there is almost a 50% chance that you will not have Internet access!

Now you may say: "So what, maybe they are the ones who are lucky!"

That could be true, but the Internet is more than funny cat videos and your aunts stupid Facebook posts. Think about all great minds that could make the change, but they never got the chance to learn or connect with like-minded people. Think about all regular Jo's who would find a purpose and discover what would they like to do for living. I won't even start to talk about all the ways that you could earn for the living just using an Internet connection.

Almost half of the people on Earth never got the chance!

That's so wrong, how to solve this problem?

The most simple way to get them online is by using a mobile phone. But the average smartphone is \$120, that's too expensive for almost all people from developing countries! Feature phones are affordable but they come with preinstalled apps, and you can't add new ones. They are cheap, but they lack support for seamless Internet browsing and can be only used for SMS and calls. But there is another way; Enter KaiOS!

What is KaiOS?

KaiOS is built in a way that can be run on almost any phone and has support for 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile apps! Basically, KaiOS enables cheap phones to have features of the smartphone!

KaiOS is a modified version of Firefox OS which is based on Mozilla’s open source B2G OS. It is a new operating system for mobile. It combines the power of a smartphone with the affordability of a feature phone. KaiOS is built for those who cannot afford or do not want to use a smartphone.

"Our mission is to open up new opportunities for individuals, their families, and communities by making access to advanced digital services a reality for everyone" says Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS.

Main features of KaiOS

Store for apps, Games, Wi-Fi, Social and messaging apps, Accessibility, Long battery life, Video calls, Camera and Gallery, Radio, NFC payments, Assistant services like Google Assistant, etc.

Here are some important facts that prove that KaiOS is not a fluke:

  • In 2 years they gathered around 85 million users
  • In market share study results announced in May 2018, KaiOS beat Apple's iOS for second place in India
  • Back in 2018, Google invested \$22 million in KaiOS Technologies.
  • Some services are preloaded as HTML5 applications, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • KaiOS has store with all popular apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Assistant, etc.

Now the best part: The price for a phone with KaiOS is $10-$25!

Maybe it's not the best OS in the market, but KaiOS is the OS that will enable many people to connect, learn, create new opportunities, and improve the overall quality of their lives.


KaiOS is a web-based mobile operating system that enables smartphone-like features (Internet browsing, email, navigation, social media, etc.) on cheap phones. The average price for a phone with KaiOS is $10-$25, which is much less than for an average smartphone (\$120). There are around 3 billion people without the Internet, and KaiOS powered phones can help them to open up new opportunities.

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