Clovers Team Building in October 2018

As much as we love our work, every once in a while we succumb to the urge to leave our keyboards resting and spend some time in the ghastly outdoors measuring up in sports. This is precisely what we did last friday as we ventured out in the wildlands of Zagreb suburbs, a place called Stakorovec (literally translated: Rat Village).

Needless to say, we stocked up on provisions for our adventure, everything needed to grill up enough meat to feed a small army, and enough alcohol to make that army about as effective in combat as a kindergarten class.

First on our agenda was paintball, a great opportunity for the developers to finally act out our rage against the project managers. However, just as in life, even in paintball there are certain rules to be obeyed, as certain Mr. Joza, our host, explained. What followed were two hours of tacticizing and strategising in an attempt to outsmart our opponents. In the end, all teams we formed ended up even.

Next was football, but not the standard boring one, instead, we measured our strengths in a bizarre activity that resembled a real-life table football. You might want to check the photos to see how just ridiculous that looked. Not to boast, but, our team annihilated all the other ones.

The torment, I mean fun, wasn’t over yet as we took turns shooting with a bow. Contrary to what RPG’s would let us believe, this requires much more strength than initially expected.

Up next was wall climbing. A challenge in itself which some of us mastered quite well. Check out our youngling Robi and his skills. Myself, well, I had to skip on that because, ehm, my shoes weren’t up to the task…

The might warriors, wall climbers and bow hunters now got distracted by the fine smell of grilled meat, thus, a break had to be taken so we could descend into gluttony as soon as possible.

Car racing was next and proved to be a bigger challenge than my team expected because some of the cars were prone to malfunction and it wasn’t a rare occurrence that a driver left the starting line with a few bolts missing.

That was just about it, after this final challenge, time was to take it easy and enjoy the remains of the day, for some this meant more football, bow shooting for others and some of us decided to keep it simple and just get wasted.

In conclusion, we had a lot of fun, no bones were broken, no animals abused and we all went home with everlasting memories of finally having got even with our project leaders and management.

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