Clover Studio Hailed As Clutch Top 100 Company for Fast Growth

Founded in 2008, Clover Studio has been a rapidly accelerating force in the design and development scene, creating countless products that help launch startups across the world. Located in Zagreb, Croatia, our company is composed of individuals that are absolutely dedicated to crafting the best possible solutions for your business.

In light of our hard work, Clover Studio was recently hailed as one of the Clutch Top 100 Companies for Fast Growth! If you don’t know, Clutch is a business marketplace and rating platform that is known for its data-driven content, client reviews collections, and agency rankings. Each year, Clutch announces the top 100 firms that showed excellence through their absolute revenue and client satisfaction

“The Clutch 100 growth lists represent the top service providers based on revenue growth over the years,” said Clutch Founder Mike Beares. “Their recognition is only possible because of their willingness to participate and their commitment to delivering the best services to their clients.”

Over the years, Clutch has had a significant impact on our company because we get a lot of inquiries directly from their platform which helps us to find the right client. This recognition from the platform means so much to our team.

“It’s a pleasure to be named as Clutch leader for the second year in a row. We will continue to work hard and improve our services on a daily basis to help other businesses solve their problems,” said Clover Studio Chief Executive Officer

The whole Clover Studio team is eternally grateful for Clutch and our clients. We treasure every partnership and collaboration we’ve had the pleasure of working with. As we move forward, we want to assure that we will continue to pursue excellence and consistency across the boards.

We also want to thank all our clients for their overwhelming support to our team, most particularly those who reviewed our services on Clutch. Your words help serve as proof of our team’s undying commitment to this industry. Here’s to being a stellar 5-star agency on Clutch!

Ready to take it up a notch with Clover Studio? Rest easy with us by your side. Reach out to our team and let’s talk. Let’s aim for fast, sustainable, and long-term growth for your company.