Spika for remote work

Clover Studio is helping you

Given the new situation in Croatia and the need to provide as much security as possible to their employees, Clover, same as many other companies, allows working from the comfort of their homes.

Clover already allows their employees to work from home, but most Clover employees prefer office work. There are several reasons: a comfortable work atmosphere, communication between employees, socializing during working hours and after work. Although it happens sometimes that several employees work from home on the same day, we have never had the situation that all employees work from home for a longer period. This is a great challenge for us as well as for everyone.

When the company consider work from home, one of the potential problems that may arise is a communication problem between employees who are no longer physically in the same room, especially when giving work instructions, clarifying tasks, dividing work, etc.

One of Clover Studio’s products is the Spika for Business platform, which enables the communication between employees.

Spika offers the following:
  • Admin interface for editing department and groups
  • Web application
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Unlimited users of departments and groups
  • Unlimited number of messages
  • Ability to send multimedia messages
  • Video and Audio call
  • Notes on an individual group
  • TODO list
  • Message encryption

In most cases, Clover Studio clients purchase an annual license and require additional customization of Spika, which sometimes involves several months’ worth of work, and the value of such a product goes up to several thousand dollars.

Spika has made it easy for us to transform office work into so-called remote work from home.

To give our modest contribution to the community in these moments, and to encourage as many companies as possible to enable employees to work safely from home, we want to offer companies free registration and use of the Spika for Business platform as an online service.

To provide additional security during communication, it is also possible to download the source code and set the whole system on a private server.

We invite all interested companies who want access to contact us through the following form: