5 Reasons Why Outsourced Software Development May Save Your Skin

If your small business has reached the point where everything has become chaotic, you’re feeling that your team productivity is too slow, you’ve hired new people and/or increased your client roster, and customer experience could use a boost – it’s time to consider new technology solutions.

The right software could resolve many of your operational issues and accelerate your growth, no question about it. The dilemma is – do you take care of that internally or do you outsource the service?

With ever-changing trends and a plethora of required technical skills, it’s fairly unlikely that you’ll be able to get your own people to do your software development in a fast, cost-efficient, and highly professional way. Outsourcing the experts in this area might sound like a more reasonable solution.

Actually, there are 5 good reasons to assign this task to a professional team outside your company.

1. Expertize/Staff

You have an IT professional in-house? That’s great, but does he have the skills and experience necessary to develop the solutions you require? Maybe he’d require costly additional training. Furthermore, he would probably need assistance in such a comprehensive project. Even worse, what kind of support can you expect from randomly assembled individuals who aren’t part of a team and will go their separate ways after the project is done?

Unless your core business is software development, there is no point in investing in an entire IT department in the small-to-midsized business arena. Outsourcing a team of professionals that do almost exclusively what you require in IT is a much smarter decision.

2. Time-Savings

This one is a no brainer – experienced professionals will solve a problem much faster than people encountering it for the first time (even if they are knowledgeable in a certain field). Not to mention the time wasted on recruitment, training, and the rallying of your new “tech crew”.

Your in-house guy may be smart, but he will definitely perform much slower, stumbling upon obstacles and learning along the way, than dedicated and experienced professionals that you can outsource.

3. Quality

Similar like providing faster service, outsourced IT professionals will ensure better quality. It’s their ticket for success on the market and, most of the times, their way of creating ongoing relationships and partnerships with companies, that will further need support and maintenance.

The internal team that is assembled just to carry out one particular project, and that are not permanently employed, usually only has one goal: to get the money. What happens afterwards is no longer interesting.

4. Support

Like mentioned in the above, technologies change rapidly and to provide a good support service, IT professionals need to stay up to date with their area of expertise. Guess who is staying on the cutting-edge of your new technology – your comfortable IT guy, who wears many hats and knows bits and pieces of everything, or an outsourced professional team that lives and breathes the technology that they implemented to your business (and many others as well)?

An individual third-party developer is not familiar with the architecture of the system nor does he possess all the skills that are necessary to solve problems. No one will be able to handle your support issues faster and better than an outsourcing team, which preferably includes the actual developer of the solution.

5. Cost-Savings

The “cherry-on-top” reason why you should outsource software development – because it’s cheaper. If you recap the first four reasons, you will see why outsourcing leads to saving money:

  • No staffing issues
  • No time wasted
  • No low-quality products (or post-failure replacements)
  • No lousy and incompetent support

In conclusion: if you are a small business, need software development, value your time and money, and want the best quality, then outsourcing your software development projects is the only feasible option.

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