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Combine your creative and entrepreneurial side in one app.


Flom is unique social media platfrom that combines
videos, podcasts, articles, marketplace, payment and many more.



Join us now to create content and set up your own marketplace to sell products. It’s quick, simple,
and hassle-free!



Stay connected and engage with buyers, friends, and followers through our chat feature. You can even interact with our intelligent virtual assistant, FatAI, for seamless communication and assistance.



Earn money through tips and blessings on your captivating content, or by selling your unique products. Join now and transform your talents into a thriving online business.


A Global Strategy for Success

Our global strategy for designing and developing the app focused on user diversity, incorporating essential features like payments, videos, a marketplace, podcasts, chat, and seamless AI integration. Our aim was to create a user-friendly and versatile app that resonated with a worldwide audience, catering to their diverse needs and interests.


Ensuring the highest level of security and peace of mind for our users has been our top priority. Flom app incorporates robust security measures, such as hiding phone numbers to protect user privacy, “Kids Mode” feature creates a safe and controlled environment, allowing parents to confidently let their children use the app. Furthermore, our convenient and secure payment options, including seamless face recognition or PIN authorization, make transactions effortless while maintaining the highest level of security.


For you



Experience the next level of convenience and support with our virtual assistant, FatAI. Through our advanced chat feature, you can engage in conversations with our intelligent artificial intelligence, gaining instant access to valuable information, assistance, and guidance. Whether you need recommendations, answers to queries, or personalized support, FatAI is here to provide a seamless and efficient chat experience, making your interaction with our app smarter and more intuitive.

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