Developer > Resource

Our business model requires talented developers with strong skillsets who take responsibility for their work. App development is not easy and not just anyone who can code can do it our way. Inspired development requires high intelligence, mental agility and creativity to create our clients’ solutions.

At Clover Studio a developer is treated not as a resource, but as a highly professional team member.

Consistent with this philosophy, we don’t work with clients who consider a developer to be just a resource. To provide high performance results, our developers must talk with customers, listen to their needs and discuss solutions with our clients. That is part of their job – because we believe the one who writes the code should know the client and how to solve their problems.

Individuals ≠ Company

Although our business model is B2B, we carry out projects with cooperation between people – in most cases, between a developer and the client. Without this collaboration it is difficult to get the best results.

We believe being good in business starts with being good as a person. Doing evil is not the way to be successful and earn money – rather, it causes a person to lose integrity, success, and money.


Personal growth = Company growth

If technology is a big forest that grows over a thousand years by the efforts of a huge number of people, we are one leaf of that big forest.

Without growing more leaves, we cannot grow as a company. So we continuously invest in our developers to learn new technology and skills. As a result, our business continues to grow.