Our projects don’t have deadlines - they have lifelines.
 Our goal is to finish a project - and then continue to grow our customer's business.


We usually divide a project into several milestones, with a specific deliverable for each phase. When each phase is complete, we review the work with our client and define the next deliverable.

From our experience working on app projects for over 8 years, we find the successful app has no end. The really significant part comes after our client releases the app. Updating an app based on user feedback is much more important than the previous phase.

So we always say that our projects have no deadlines. This explains to our developers and clients that we are not finished with the project when the app is released. Actually, it is just the start of growing the customer’s business throughout the life of the project.

The Process of One Iteration

One iteration usually takes 2 to 4 weeks. We define tasks and goals with our client for each iteration and review after we finish. Following is the process of one iteration.

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    Define Tasks

    We define the goal and divide it into tasks. One iteration should take 2 to 4 weeks. If the tasks are too complex to complete in this timeframe, we discuss priorities with the client.

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    Write Code !

    Our developers implement features or change existing features based on task specifications. We communicate with clients intensively to avoid misunderstandings as much as possible.

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    Test Implementation

    We test implementation of the app based on test cases using computer simulations. We can also provide a dedicated human tester who will write test cases and run a manual test.

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    Customer Check

    We deliver a beta version of the iteration to the client. The client gives us feedback and can change any aspects, as they like.

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    Review Work

    After the client accepts the deliverables, we discuss the quality of implementation with the client and review our work. This way we can improve our work for each iteration.


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