Specialized in VR, mobile applications and Shenanigans.

We can skillfully produce.

Moblie Apps

Our mobile development team can deliver on time mobile game or enterprise solution for Android and iOS. Name it and our team will grant it!

Web Apps

As we provide a full product experience, our web team can develop a fully capable web app with all the functionalities as mobile does.


User experience is our main concern in design process, because real people will use your app, and if they love it, they will buy it.

VR and AR

We made first AR game in in 2010, which we got big attention. Since then we've worked a lot of AR&VR projects, like marker base AR, location base AR and 360 VR video player.


Having an idea ?

Let's make money !

We have tools.

First we must define vision and goals.

We will take care of your business with our skillful team which will be assigned to guide you through a messy pathway of business decisions and assures you with field data that you're on a right track. Data collecting, data analysis, department consulting and brainstormings are all tools that we use at this stage to determine your successful business path.

Only then we go to work.

Now we know exactly what we need to do for your business. First, we begin with prototyping and testing among users if needed, and when we are absolutely sure that design is working, we begin to develop an application. We are using an agile waterfall methodology based on weekly goals. Every team has his own “Scrum Master” so the project can run smoothly.

But we are not done yet.

After we test your app and make it bugproof, your real life struggles begin! New in a digital world? Can't sleep? Don’t know how to penetrate the market? Don't worry, we have a team for everything, including marketing. They bring luck and good fortune!