In this tutorial we are going to learn how to programme Android app to send text messages. There are few simple steps to follow as AndroidSDK provide SmsManager class which make that very easy for developer to send text messages in custom apps.

you can read more about SmsManager class here

Create Android Studio project

After creating android studio project open build.gradle(app) file of your project and paste below code to include specific libraries in your app


now move to res->layout directory of your project and paste below code in activity_main.xml





it will create a layout with two text boxes and one sending button as you can see u in above vedio. next we are steping into java code. got to src directory of your project and paste bellow code in


you also need to add below permission in your Manifest file.

Thats it we are done with the coding you can run this app in your android device and it will work perfectly. also you can download source code from here:SendSMS


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