Adding Circular Transitions

Till now we have learnt most of the basic items necessary for any iOS app and that can be added from the objects library, so now i want to show how you can add some stunning animations to your app in order to attract a larger number of users and of course to make the visual experience more appealing and eye catching to them .




Creating a new Project

First of all you need to goto your xcode project and select a single view application and after creating the project you need to include some files from github repository.

Here’s the link to that And then simply add these 3 files to your xcode project.They need some additional changing to be done, ill show you how just keep on following the steps:



Next add buttons and label into the screen from main.storyboard. Make their connections with viewcontroller ,also its a good practice to embed a navigation view controller into your storyboard.




Next add a new view controller and also create its new file and then assign ViewController class to it as shown:













Download: CircularTransition


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