This tutorial will guide  how you can easily add any logo of your brand as the splash screen or launch image to your Android app just like some of the most popular apps does i.e facebook, Skype etc. You can add it in the start of the project or if you already have your app developed and now want to include the splash screen, then you can still add it just by following a few simple steps.




So, today i am going to show you how you can add such launching screen in any app you have already created.

For this purpose first of all get image or logo you wants to put as splash screen in your app and rename this splashimage. Open you android studio project and paste that image in res->drawable folder.



Now create a new layout file with name splash_activity.xml and paste below code


Create a new JAVA class





and then paste below code in new class


now lets move to most important step open your AndroidManifest.xml

and put below code in application tag


after pasting this code . check for other activity tags and if any of the activity contains below code then remove this.



and thats it. You have successfuly added a splash screen into your app. Happy coding 🙂

You can also download sorce code from here:Splash


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