Adding Splash Screen to any iOS app




This tutorial will guide  how you can easily add any logo of your brand as the splash screen or launch image to your iOS app just like some of the most popular apps does i.e facebook etc. You can add it in the start of the project or if you already have your app developed and now want to include the splash screen, then you can still add it just by following a few simple steps.

So, today i am going to show you how you can add such launching screen in the calculator app that we just made in our previous tutorial

For that purpose, i am using Asset Catalog Creator . You can download it from App store its free and very easy to use. Here, we will add our icon images and it will automatically generate all needed dimensions for us.




Here, i have used this calculator logo that i want to use as my launch screen so just drag it to asset creator and after mentioning the storage location just do one click to get the icon image in many dimensions inside a media.xcassets folder.




Now, go into your xcode  project and open Assets.xcassets. This is where all your media files will be stored for your app. On its bottom left corner click on the + button and add a new image asset.


Great, now after simple dragging the recommended files from the media.xcassets folder go and place them into their appropriate locations. And you will achieve this:



Next, jump into your Launchscreen.storyboard and drag an image view from the objects library. Add necessary attributes to it and add an image too.




Then I added some needed constraints to the image view in order to properly align it vertically and horizontally to the center of my screen.That’s all, please make sure the images you are adding are of appropriate sizes otherwise you can stuck into some errors  and may even find blurred edges of the icon image.







Downlaod : Calculator 2


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